23. marts 2018
ZIBAT might be affected by the conflict between the labour market’s parties

  ZIBAT might be affected by the conflict between the labour market’s parties. Here you can read about what we know about the conflict and how you as a student can relate to it. Dear Student at ZIBAT/EASJ In connection to the collective bargaining negotiations, many state employees may be affected by a lock-out from the 10th of April 2018. This notice also includes the employees at EASJ/ZIBAT. The lock-out can be called off, if the parties find a negotiated solution before April 10th 2018. But the negotiations can also continue, whereby a possible lockout can be postponed in two rounds…

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12. oktober 2017
Exchange abroad in Malaysia

Mathias Mortensen, an Architectural Technology and Construction Management student at ZIBAT in Næstved, talks about his experiences during the exchange semester at Taylor’s University in Malaysia.

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11. juli 2017
Available places 2018

From July 28th you can apply for available places.

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8. maj 2017
Team Relocations gets ideas from Innovation Camp

Bachelor International and Sales students from campus Roskilde and campus Næstved has just finalized an Innovation Camp. Their main task was to support the company Team Relocations with new business ideas and ways of selling their services to companies that relocate employees on jobs abroad for a shorter or longer period time. In total, there were 64 students participating in The Innovation Camp, a blend of International students and Danish students, divided in to 13 groups. The groups have done a very good job was the response of our contact at Team Relocations Louise Langkjær, she was the one to evaluate the groups presentation at the very end.

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8. maj 2017
AI is shaping the website building industry

With the help of ZIBAT students, Wiredelta, a danish website and mobile app development company created an AI assistant. This AI makes website and app building easy, scalable and customizable. From now on, no coding skills required to create a great website or app!

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6. marts 2017
It is time to nominate your internship

Students at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) now have the chance to nominate their internship in the competition Internship of the Year 2016/17. You can nominate your internship from the 6th of March until the 6th of April.

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1. februar 2017
A local Danish company benefits from a study tour to Holland

Icon Hairspa is a medium sized company from the city of Sorø on Zealand, that since 2004 has been in the market selling quality organic hair products mainly in Denmark, Norway and Australia. As a future prospect, Icon Hairspa is right now considering selling organic hair products to the Dutch market as well. On behalf of Icon Hairspa a small group of AP programme Marketing Management students following a line called Internationalisation at Zealand Institute of Business Technology has made a survey of the Dutch market. Information about the Dutch market was gain in DK and by students travelling to Holland.

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9. december 2016
Land of Legends participate in Innovation Camp

Danish and International students from the International Sales and Marketing PBA programme at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde has just finalized Innovation Camp – 2 intensive days, where the assignment was to come up with new creative ideas to educational activities, leisure activities and marketing suggestions for (the Organization) the Learning Activity-Center called Land of Legends, Lejre. In total, there were 69 students participating in The Innovation Camp, 41 international students and 28 Danish students, divided in to 11 groups. On day 3 an event occurred, where each group got the possibility to present their creative ideas as prototypes in paper/carbon, videos and wall sheets to Erik Bruun Frantsen, responsible for the Valley of Fire and library at Land of Legends Lejre. And Erik Bruun Frantsen was by his own words” very happy about the creative ideas shown”.

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4. juli 2016
The recipe for international cooperation

During an intense elective course called Global Marketing, 13 students from Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, were put together with 13 Danish Marketing Management students from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) Roskilde. The interplay culminated in a mixed group examination with a specific case: Present new business ideas for the music venue and youth culture house, Gimle.

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3. juni 2016
From trainee to permanent employment at Toms

The award of the Internship of the Year in Region Zealand goes to the famous producer of chocolate and candy, Toms! Tine Niebur, a recently fully-qualified AP Graduate in Nutrition and Technology, has nominated her internship – without anyone knowing it …

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