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Internship outside the EU

It is also possible to go on an internship outside of Europe. ZIBAT/EASJ has a number of agreements in various countries and parts of the world. Ask your student counsellor, internship coordinator or the international ambassador on your campus about the possibilities. The world is big and there will also be countries where we do not have agreements. Here you will have to find the internship host company by yourself.

Prior to an internship an agreement (Training Agreement) must be joined between the educational institution, the internship host company and the student. Such an agreement must be joined by all parties and further specify the content (tasks) of the internship/placement. The agreement must also specify how many credit (ECTS) the student will be awarded for completing the internship. Remember that the agreement be approved and signed by all parties.

In general, the possibilities of applying for financial support for internships outside the EU aren’t very good. For some countries Danish students may be granted a special grant that can be applied, e.g. for US and Canada (check on for further possibilities). You may also be able to apply for various grants to help supporting your exchange abroad. Danish students can take their Danish student grant, SU, with them on an internship outside EU. You can find more information on scholarships, SU and financing on this site.

How to apply

Go to apply on this site where you will find the relevant procedures for applying for an internship outside EU and downloadable documents needed to file your application for an internship.