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Approved study abroad and internships within the EU under the Erasmus programme

Through the Erasmus LLP programme a limited number of scholarships (375 EUR/month until September 2011, then 250 EUR/month from September 2011) are available for exchanges with one of our partner institutions/companies.

Applicants who have an Erasmus exchange approved can apply for and be granted a permanent scholarship every month while you are studying abroad (Erasmus grant). Danish applicants will have first priority to these grants. EU students studying in a full-programme at ZIBAT/EASJ will have second priority to these grants.

Non-EU full-programme students studying with us can not apply for or be granted an Erasmus grant (refer to fee paying study abroad exchange).

Applications are evaluated and prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Academic level
  • Teacher/faculty recommendations
  • Partner Institution
  • Documented relevant reasons for applying for financial support for an exchange, if any.

Applications for the Erasmus scholarship are submitted to your local International/Erasmus Coordinator at your respective ZIBAT/EASJ Campus. Your application is then assessed in cooperation with ZIBAT’s/EASJ’s central assessment team who evaluates all applicants and decides which students to be recommended for the Erasmus scholarship.

Payments of the scholarship are made upon the students confirmed arrival with the partner institution/company, paid with a delay of month.

Students can contact with the student counsellor for details of other grants / funds options (though options are limited in most cases).