Good advice

You should begin your planning of an exchange in good time before departure. We recommend to start your planning ½ – 1 year before your intended exchange. Procedures take time, there are many opportunities to be evaluated and further a number of practical issues you must decide before you are good to go.

You should explore:

  • The desired/intended place to study
  • Decide upon a study program to study
  • Search for opportunities for financial support
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Linguistic preparation, language tests and other tests if needed
  • The journey, residence permit/study visa, immunizations, etc.
  • And most likely a lot more

Here you can find more information on:

Housing and accommodation during the exchange

Academic outcome from an exchange

Linguistic preparation

Choosing the country and institution


Credit Transfer from an exchange

Reverse culture shock

The student is assigned with a local a contact person at Zealand. The contact person will stay in touch with the students during the exchange. This is among others to ensure that the exchange progress as planned and if changes, that they are consistent with requirements. Be sure you know your contact person before you leave!