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Housing/accommodation during the exchange

If you go on a study abroad exchange then the host university/institution in many cases can help you finding housing on campus. If the host university can not help you there are several possibilities.

You can either depart for the exchange ahead of time and stay in a cheap hostel while finding a more permanent housing opportunity. Or you may explore some of the recommendations which your host university refer you to. Most university websites give students input on how and where to find possible housing.

It can be very different from person to person, how you want to stay during your exchange. Some think that living on campus will be great, and others would rather live in a shared apartment or an apartment by themselves. No matter what – it is important to be flexible and adjustable to whatever standards and traditions you find in the country of your host institution.

ZIBAT students who go abroad for either a study abroad or internship abroad should consider the possibility to rent their room to a fellow incoming student from abroad joining for a study abroad or internship in Denmark.

ZIBAT is a partner of which is an international student-to-student housing platform. Before leaving for your study abroad, exchange, Erasmus or internship program you can safely rent out your room to an incoming exchange student. In this way you can avoid paying double rent and ensure that you have your room available at your return. Housing Anywhere is free of charge by using your student e-mail address. Before renting out a room via the platform, make sure you have informed your landlord.