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Credit Transfer

Before you go an exchange, either as a study abroad semester or as an internship abroad, it must be clarified how many credits (ECTS) that are transferred for your exchange. This issues is addressed by you before you leave together with your student counsellor, local international/Erasmus campus coordinator, and/or programme coordinator and internship coordinator.

The content of a study abroad or internship abroad and the duration of the exchange must be agreed with the foreign host organization / institution and entered into a “Learning Agreement” (if study abroad) or “Training Agreement” (for internship).

If study abroad outside EU, you must be aware of the credits issue – especially for countries where they do not necessarily work with ECTS points as we do. This could mean that an equal number of credit points not necessarily correspond to one another. In such cases the merit is addressed in the “Learning Agreement” in terms of local credit points and the corresponding ECTS which can be recognized and transferred. Since it can be difficult for individual students to “convert” credits to ECTS please consult with your programme coordinator or counsellor about the specific conversion of local credits to ECTS – which by the way also must be approve by signature in the final learning agreement.

Examinations abroad follow the foreign institution’s examination rules and is later merited into the Danish system. Exam grades are not transferred directly into Danish grades, but the Danish diploma will include an accreditation of the foreign diploma/transcript..

Remember to get a Transcript of Records from your host institution when you return back home so that your programme in Denmark can be transferred the credits. It is your own responsibility to get the transcript!