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Current students

Current students application procedure

The following procedure applies when applying for a scholarship (non-EU/EEA students only) as a current student.

I am already a student in a programme:

1. Conditions for applying
You must have at least one year left (2 semesters) of your present programme by end of the Spring semester when applying for a scholarship.

2. Application form
Fill in the application form, which can be downloaded via the link in the bottom green box on the left hand side

We only accept typed application forms!

3. Motivation letter
You must prepare a motivation letter which must be submitted together with the application form for a scholarship. The motivation letter is very important when the decision for granting a scholarship is made. The letter must show and demonstrate why your qualifications are extraordinary and why you should be awarded a scholarship. Further, we will evaluate your attendance, contribution in class and/or if you have shown an extraordinary involvement in the College life (student union, tutor, etc.). The motivation letter must not exceed one page (1½ line spacing – word standard). You can use the following headlines for preparing your motivation letter:

  • Present yourself
  • State your reasons for studying abroad
  • State your reasons for choosing the specific programme and our school
  • How you have proven yourself as an extraordinary student with extraordinary qualifications.
  • Why should you be awarded a scholarship

4. Submit the application for a scholarship
The application form and the supporting documents must be sent by e-mail to the ZIBAT Campus where you study right now. Please see the application form for details.

5. Deadline
Your application for a scholarship must be sent before 1 May. If you are granted a scholarship, normally, you will be informed on 3 July.


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