About Nykøbing F

Nykøbing Falster is a fascinating town situated in beautiful surroundings on the two islands of Lolland and Falster in the southern part of Denmark. The town is only a good hour’s drive from the national capital, Copenhagen, and in close proximity to the ferry services to Germany.

Though relatively small in size – approximately 26,000 inhabitants – Nykøbing Falster is vibrant, cosy and always full of life. Nykøbing Falster is a small but very attractive part of the global leisure industry – and a unique place for studying it.

Sports, entertainment, fun and leisure
Sports: The choices are endless in Nykøbing F. and the surrounding areas: Soccer, handball, sailing, tennis, swimming, badminton, golf, wrestling, karate, windsurfing, shooting, fitness, bowling, chess, parachuting, table-tennis, horseback riding, etc.
Beach-life: There is only a short distance to one of the country’s best vacation areas, Marielyst.

Student-house: Nykøbing Falster has an active and well-functioning student-house. The student-house is a meeting area for the students of the many educational institutions and offers a long line of cultural arrangements, from lectures and Quiz Nights to salsa-nights and catwalks.

Culture and music: Nykøbing Falster has a vibrant cultural life. On a daily basis, the premier cinema, Scala is a focal point for numerous activities, as is the Nykøbing Theatre. At the Theatre there are shows by the Danish Theatre, including local and leading actors in Denmark. The Theatre also includes concerts and arrangements with music of all genres. The local theatre Masken holds a stage with a versatile offer of theatrics for children, young adults and adults. When not engaged in local theatre, Masken arranges guest performances, night-café and arrangements with recitation and music.

Throughout the year many different music arrangements of all types are offered – from classical to rock. Newer musicians are also to be heard at Kulturfabrikken, near the town center. There is something for everyone.


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