About Slagelse

Slagelse is one of the oldest towns in Denmark. It was also the town where Hans Christian Andersen attended the “Latin School” and the town remains an important seat of learning to this day.

In the 11th century Slagelse had it’s own mint and was an important trading center. The city has an 11th-century church, and nearby is Trelleborg a Viking fortress. The Trelleborg near Slagelse is one of the Viking ring castles of which five or six have been found until now (2011). It lies to the northwest of Slagelse. At the time the fortress was built it was situated on a peninsula that jutted into the swampy area between two rivers. It was connected to the Great Belt by a lake that at its time was usable for Viking ships, but that has since vanished. It might have commanded the connection to the island of Fyn and the sea traffic on the Great Belt.

Sports, entertainment, fun and leisure
Whether you fancy handball, soccer, tennis, fencing or swimming, Slagelse offers you great facilities. Denmark´s first parkour park is situated near Slagelse in Gerlev. (Parkour is a sport of overcoming obstacles in the most effective and fluid way – surely you will get out of breath). If you need more excitement, Slagelse has a large roller skate rink. Outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, golf and horseback riding are possible as well.

The town also has an active cultural life with a great cinema, Slagelse Theatre, the region’s largest auditorium, Krabasken, Denmark’s largest amateur theatre and Slagelse Musikhus, with its fantastic concert hall.

Every Wednesday at around 1pm – you can watch the Guard Hussar riding through the center of Slagelse.

The beach can be reached in 20 minutes by bus. Denmark´s capital, Copenhagen, is within reach of 55 minutes by train, which departs every half hour from Slagelse train Station.



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