ZIBAT Slagelse

Bredahlsgade 1
4200 Slagelse
Tlf: + 45 5076 2650


Would you like to live close to your school?
Save money on transportation costs and sign up for student accommodation locally – no fees!

Social environment  The local housing association Fællesorganisationens Boligforening has built 144 new student flats in Slagelse during 2015/2016. Here you can enjoy social gatherings, where you will get the opportunity to expand your network with other students from multiple studies. The apartments contain your own kitchen, bath and toilet, free WiFi and a communal gym. You can sign up here where you can also see the conditions and prices.

Live close to the best athletes in Slagelse In 2015 Slagelse Boligforening has built brand new student residences, which is an integrated part of Slagelse Stadium. Here you have the opportunity to live close to the elite athletes in Slagelse, where there are gyms, sports facilities and a nice café with various treats. You can sign up here where you can also see the conditions and prices.

What students say about Slagelse: “I am happy to stay in Slagelse, because it is a city with a lot of options. There’s great shopping, a good cafés and many training opportunities. Furthermore, there are good opportunities to get out in the nature with both the facility, forest and the beach nearby Slagelse.” “I am happy to stay in Slagelse, Because I live here with my boyfriend, I have a student job in the city and I think that Slagelse is a pleasant town.”


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