Agents and representatives

When applying for admission to join one of the educational programmes offered by Zealand you have the possibility to apply via one of our official representatives around the world.

From this site you will find the partners which officially have been appointed by us:

See Agents and representatives here.

For the institutional partners – go to the download box at your left.

Service-/Handling fee
When you chose to apply via one of our representatives then you must observe that you normally will have to pay a service fee/handling fee to the representative covering the services related to handling your case. Such fee will vary in different countries, according to the general price level, services requested by the individual student etc. Further, our partner will be paid a commission by us in accordance with our general terms of cooperation.

Cooperation agreement and Code of Conduct
All representatives, agents or marketing intermediates you find here have signed a cooperation agreement. The cooperation agreement specifies our general terms of cooperation, rights and responsibilities, financial obligations, payments of commission (and conditions) and country specific admission requirements in accordance with the guidelines from the Danish Agency for International Education.

You can read a sample cooperation agreement for EU agents here. 

You can read a sample cooperation agreement for Non-EU agents here. 

When a partner signs an agreement with us the partner further acknowledges working and running the partner and representation activities according to a Code of Conduct which is a set of rules and general ethical guidelines. The partner/representative sign and confirm our institutional Code of Conduct which refers to the general Code of Conduct of the Rectors’ Conference.

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