AP Leadership and Management Programme

The leadership and management programme is an adult/continuing higher education program.

The AP degree in Leadership and Management is an adult higher education programme and it is aimed at present or future managers already on a career, but looking to pursue a certified qualification within Leadership and Management. The purpose of the programme is to develop your ability to analyse and assess various leadership challenges in different business areas, from a theoretical and a practical perspective. The programme will enable you to carry out various jobs, such as Project Manager, Team Manager, head of department, etc.

You will learn about:

  • Strategic and Practical Leadership and Management
  • Communication and conflict Management
  • Your personal Leadership style
  • Human resource management
  • Cooperating between different cultures
  • International Leadership perspectives

You can choose either to complete a full AP degree programme consisting of 3 compulsory modules, 2 optional modules and a final project, or you can just choose to attend one or more of the individual AP modules. A full AP degree programme comprises 60 ECTS points.


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Facts about the programme

Titel: AP Leadership and Management
Duration: 1-3 years
ECTS credits: 60