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AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme

AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme is available for admission in september. It is a two year programme and provides job opportunities within tourism, hotel and catering, entertainment as well as sports and events.

Areas of expertise are management, marketing, personnel and development. Utilizing the combined knowledge of commercial, cultural and innovative aspects and principles of sustainable development with methodical considerations in the planning and organization of services. Employment most often found in middle management, but becoming an entrepreneur or working with trainees is also an option. It equips you to interact and collaborate in management teams and effectively build customer relations with people from various educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The programme is progressive and depending on your area of specialization you work within:

  • Tourism Management i.e. in booking, tourist and travel agencies, charter and cruise tourism.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management i.e. at conference centers, hotels, restaurants, spa and wellness and B&B.
  • Service Management i.e. consulting and training companies, health and treatment centers.
  • Sport & Event Management i.e. sports companies, concerts, festivals and events.

Internship and Thesis

Part of the educations takes place in close cooperation with practical cases and the industry. You must complete a 13-week compulsory internship within your choice of specialty. Either in a Danish or international company. Choices of specialty are between:

  • Tourism
  • The Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Service Management
  • Sport & Event Management

Further Education

A Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree gives you access to following top-up programs:

  • P.Ba in International Hospitality Management
  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Innovation

A top-up takes one and a half years.

A top-up gives access to Master’s programs. The vast majority of graduates choose to get a job and get some work experience prior to further studies.


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Facts about the programme

Titel: AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Duration: 2 years
Semesters: 4
ECTS credits: 120
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