Selection Criteria


Please observe the following guidelines and deadlines for applying for admission:


All applications for AP programmes September intake must be filed on All applications for the February intake and all Top-Up-bachelor programmes must be filed on the

>> ZIBAT Application Portal



When you have applied for admission to one of our programmes, all information regarding your application is available on the ZIBAT Admission Portal. On the portal, you will find all information on where your application is in the proces. All dialogue with our admission administration is facilitated through the ZIBAT Admission Portal. Unfortunately the admission portal is not yet available through tablets and smartphones.


Access the FAQ about the ZIBAT Admission Portal here

Acces the ZIBAT Admission Portal here


February admission – all available programmes

  • 15 OCTOBER: Non-EU applicants
  • 1 DECEMBER: All other applicants

For the FEBRUARY STUDY START all applicants must apply online via the

>> ZIBAT Application Portal

For top-up Bachelor Programmes please note that all Students/Nationalities who study in Denmark for a Danish AP Degree and graduate in January must upload their application for the FEBRUARY STUDY START of a top-up Programme before they graduate. Instead of a Diploma, please upload the latest transcript of grades from the current AP programme. We accept late applications (received after the above deadlines), but admission depends on availability of places. Most applicants who apply late should normally expect to be put on a waiting list. If you need assistance with or have questions about the application procedure, please contact Please note that you can also apply through one of our agents and representatives. Zealand Institute of Business and Technology has two intakes every year – in February and September. In September all programmes are open for admission. In February only a selected number of programmes are open for admission.



  • 15 MARCH: Applicants with Non-Danish entry qualifications and Danish students applying in quota 2
  • 5 JULY: Applicants with Danish entry qualifications (STX, HHX, HTX, HF) applying in quota 1
  • 28 JULY: Applicants can apply for available places



  • 15 MARCH: All Non-EU applicants, Danish and EU applicants without a Danish AP degree and all applicants PBA International Sales and Marketing Management
  • 1 JUNE: Danish and EU applicants with a Danish AP degree applying for PBA Web Development and PBA Digital Concept Development

Before you file your application with us you need to find the right mode of filing your application. The mode is determined by the programme you apply for: As from the September 2016 study start certain NON-EU applicants are required to pay an application fee, EUR 100. Check under APPLICATION FEE if you are required to pay the applicant fee, how to pay the fee and terms of payment. AP Degree Programme – How to file your application with us: All higher education institutions in Denmark use a central coordinated application system called the KOT (Coordinated Enrolment System). The Danish system is in principle similar to the UCAS system used in United Kingdom. To start the process and file your application you must go to the website of the Danish application system: (available in both Danish and English). You start your application procedure from this site. We recommend that you read the user manual carefully and also check the quick guide which you find in the menu on your right. Bachelor top-up Degree Programme – How to file your application with us Application via the KOT system is NOT possible. All students must apply via the

>> ZIBAT Application Portal


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