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Bachelor of Digital Concept Development

Would you like to create our digital future? Do you dream of creating services and commerce solutions the customer actually want? Are you a digital marketing campaigner or communication nerd by heart?

The Digital Concept Development programme is aimed at students with a desire to work with concept development of digital commerce and serviceplatforms on a visually strategic and practical level.

Some of our subjects:

  • Digitale trends
  • Servicedesign
  • User-driven innovation
  • Project Management
  • Experience Economy
  • Intercultural Relationships & Communications
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Storytelling
  • E-learning
  • User Research
  • Interface- and Interaction Design
  • Start ups
  • Leisure Economy

The program offers a mix of E-Commerce and E-Design and students will obtain a wide knowledge of digital communication and social media marketing. The teaching will take place in a multi-cultural environment with emphasis on teamwork, project work and close relationship to companies and organisations.

The program qualifies you for jobs within the following areas: Development of digital advertising, social media strategy, communication and design concepts for interactive digital advertising/marketing solutions, Strategically based concept development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions and e-marketing as well as administrative, monitoring and analytic operation and further development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions.

The program qualifies also for master programs at ITU, AALBORG CPH and CBS.

The Bachelor of Digital Concept Development Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.

We learned the conceptual thinking that can solve problems. And we learned it not only on a theoretical but also a practical level.
Yangson Jia, Digital Concept Development Graduate, Campus Køge


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Facts about the programme

Titel: Bachelor of Digital Concept Development
Duration: 1,5 year
Semesters: 3
ECTS credits: 90