College from the USA in Roskilde

Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, USA visits Roskilde. Danish and International students work together on a project.

Students from Kirkwood Community College have taken a 2-week intensive course in Global Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT), campus Roskilde. While working side by side with Danish students, they designed and proposed creative business ideas to one of the local companies in Roskilde. Beyond studying global marketing and entrepreneurship, the students have gained an understanding of each other’s cultures. They have also expanded their professional networks. Some students are already discussing how they can help with international internships or future career opportunities.

The local business, Gimle, has also gained valuable input from both American and Danish students. The new creative business ideas have given a wider range of ideas due to the different cultural backgrounds that the students bring to this project. Gimle has a lot of volunteers from abroad already working for them which makes this mix of international and Danish thinking of new creative business ideas a brilliant input to future events. All students and faculty involved in this shared two week intensive course have gained a better understanding of each other’s cultures, and as a result have established long lasting friendships.


Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, USA
Dean: Colette Atkins and Financial Services Faculty: Todd Saville
” Fantastic to see the students work together, cross border” – Todd.
” The hospitality is wonderful in DK. One of the students even took us to visit her home.” – Colette.

Cultural house GIMLE
PR- and marketing manager: Line Holm Christensen
“I think this is an amazing initiative, because these ideas from the students work really inspire us at Gimle in what to do of new events in the future. I love how creative and innovative the presentations were from the mixed groups and I leave with a lot of new ideas.”


The students
Students: Rob and Shanna from Kirkwood Community College
Students: Victoria and Birgitta from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde
The students express their joy of participating at this 2-weeks intensive course like this:

” We have now been at ZIBAT a week, and we love the place and atmosphere. We quickly got to know each other and soon found out that all of us work well together” – Rob.
” I find it interesting to hear about how the students think and work with marketing in USA and compare that with how we work with marketing in Denmark.” – Victoria.
” We also meet outside school, we even party together” – Birgitta.
” I was really excited to get to Denmark and see how the country is different and how the people are different from USA. There are some small differences, in many ways we are alike” – Shanna.
” Before the American students arrived I wasn’t worried that we on a social level would fit together. My concern was focused on how it would be to work together on this project. No worries, it has been such an amazing experience!” – Victoria.


2-week extensive course
Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, USA purpose with this course was to give their students a lifetime experience, both in academic terms and by living in another culture and country. Academically, students received instruction in entrepreneurship, innovation, creative processes and marketing. Although teaching in Denmark and the USA are quite different, students from both countries experienced a rich combination of both. One of the shared experiences was to visit an aircraft ground support equipment company in Denmark. Vestergaard manufactures, distributes and supports aircraft deicing, lavatory and water service to the aviation industry worldwide. Finally, the students visited different cultural highlights in Denmark such as Carlsberg, Ragnarock and Land of Legends to get a better understanding of Danish culture compared to their own culture in the USA.

Participants from ZIBAT, Roskilde: 

  • Head of studies: Poul Faarup
  • Assistant professor: Helle Thomsen
  • Professor: Jacob Aabroe
  • Assistant professor: Morten Baltzersen
  • Assistant professor: Tommy Jensen
  • International ambassador: Sabrina Lykkegaard Svidt
  • Communication Intern: Katrin Hellesøe Nygaard

Company visits at: