Erasmus Plus Application Procedures

You are only a few steps away from being able to file your application for your Erasmus Plus exchange semester with ZIBAT.


STEP 1: Optional – fill in the Student Application Form
(You find the template in Erasmus Plus downloads – left hand side menu box)

Alternatively you provide us with the following information:

Partner institution Student name Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy) Nationality Gender
(F or M)


 x  x  x  x x  x

PLEASE NOTE: Despite our application deadlines – please provide the above information as early as possible for the selected candidates since only a limited seats are available for each study start!

STEP 2: Prepare the following documents/documentation:

  • Fill in and prepare the Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement for selected candidates. Please observe that we need both the scanned pdf copy as well as the MS-word document when you file your application.

(Templates are found in Erasmus Plus downloads in left hand menu box)

  • Prepare CV for selected applicants. Template available here.
  • For the selected candidates, Transcripts of Records form the last two semesters (minimum)
  • Passport copy – only the “identification” page

STEP 3: File the application (STEP 1 and STEP 2 documents) by e-mail to

  • One document scanned in high quality as one pdf file, NOT photos
  • All pdf files grouped together in one zip file named the students full name
  • NOTE: the ERASMUS PLUS LEARNING AGREEMENT as both pdf and MS-word document besides the scanned pdf file

STEP 4: The Admission Process