All programmes offered by Zealand includes an internship component as an integrated learning component of the programme and curriculum. When you are considering an exchange in the form of an internship abroad, the first step for you is to orientate yourself on the requirements for such an internship. The requirements are defined in the curriculum of your study programme. On this website you can find your current curriculum under the menu point of your study programme.

Students can always choose to do their internship abroad without observing procedures found on this site. Just make sure that you observe the requirements set by the curriculum and that you follow the approval procedures and requirements for internships set by the programme management.
Regarding internships abroad – then this site only applies for students who wish to do their internship as an exchange applying for one of the possibilities offered by Zealand. Besides the requirements defined in the curriculum of your study programme the Academy has decided that a student who wants to apply for an internship abroad with our support, must honour the following requirements:

1. The student must have passed the first 3 semesters of his studies (for cirtain programme the first 2 semesters – check your programme curriculum) with an average mark of at least “4”
2. The student must have language skills in the relevant language at a level equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0 to 6.5 (CEFR level B2).
3. The student must have an independent personality and must have shown willingness to adapt (cross-cultural competences).

For an exchange as an internship placement can be approved, the foreign company must be a registered and approved company. The business of the company should further be related to the curriculum of the student’s study programme. Finally, the following requirements must be meet by the foreign company and host of an internship:

• The company is described
• The tasks of the internship/training must be relevant to the student’s later work career
• The tasks of the internship/placement must be described and documented
• Working time is minimum 35.5 hours per week or
• Working time is minimum 28.5 hours per week if the stay is combined with elements of a study component in the exchange abroad programme
• The internship/placement must have a duration of 3 months for the AP degree programmes, 3 months for bachelor top-up programmes. For specific programmes the duration of the internship is longer than 3 months – check with your programme curriculum.

An internship can further be decided from a geographical point of view – within the EU or outside EU. Choose here:

Internship within the EU – Erasmus

Internship outside the EU