Internship and Study Abroad

As a student at Zealand, you have the opportunity to do an exchange many places in the world.

From the academy we both advocate and support our students’ interest in making an exchange as part of their studies with us.
Besides the academic benefits which are derived from an exchange, most students will find that an exchange provides an incredibly valuable personal development. You will see the world in a completely different perspective, and the majority will experience that your own view of the world suddenly is seen in a different perspective.

There is much to gain through an exchange program and an exchange will for sure become a great and unforgettable experience.
When you start considering a student exchange there is a lot to think about and consider. Where should I go? What does it cost? Where should I live? etc.
The important thing is that you start the planning of an exchange early on which in practice means that your planning of an exchange should begin ½ -1 year before the actual exchange take place.

First of all, you need to decide whether you will make your exchange as an internship abroad or as a study abroad doing a semester abroad. Further, you need to decide if you wish to go for an exchange to another European (EU) country or if you wish to go to a country outside Europe.
In the menu to your left you find a brief introduction to possibilities, what to consider, how to apply and other issue of importance before leaving for an exchange abroad.


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