Study Abroad

Studying with Zealand also means that you can do part of your educational programme with one of our partner institutions.

When you are considering a student exchange in the form of a study abroad, you must first orientate yourself with the programme specific requirements which are defined in the curriculum of your educational programme. Especially, it is important that you orientate yourself about the academic requirements that exist for the semester in which you wish to join for an exchange programme. Elsewhere on this website you find programme specific information informing you about your study programme. Here you can find the curriculum for your study programme including a detailed semester descriptions.

As a general rule study abroad exchanges must be hosted by one of the partner institutions we have. Only in very special cases and based upon an individual evaluation we may accept that you join for an exchange with an institution where we don’t have a partner agreement as a so-called “free-rider”

The following requirements must be meet by students who wish to apply for a study abroad exchange with one of our partner institutions:

  1. The student must have passed the first year/first 2 semesters of a study programme (for some programmes only 1 semester – check with your relevant curriculum) and have passed the courses of the programme with an average mark of at least ”4
  2. The student must have language skills in the relevant study abroad language (typically English) at a level equivalent to an IELTS of 6.0 to 6.5 (CEFR level B2). You must observe whether the foreign institution where you wish to do your exchange requires proof of language level (proficiency) in the form of a Language proficiency test score (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL etc). If this is the case, you have to enrol and join for such test to be able to proof proficiency. Ask your student counsellor about testing sites in Denmark.
  3. The student must be independent and have shown adaptability (cross-cultural competences).

Further, having an exchange as a study abroad approved requires that the foreign institution is nationally recognized as a higher education institution in the institutions home country. Finallythe following additional requirements must be meet by the foreign institution and the subjects/courses:

  • Courses/subjects are offered as part of an officially recognized full-time study programme at Higher Educational level.
  • Are offered on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of an educational programme (undergraduate level)
  • The academic level of courses corresponds to the student’s higher education programme in Denmark.
  • Must be relevant to the student’s higher education programme (curriculum), but do not necessarily have to be identical to the subjects in the Danish curriculum (semester).
  • The total number of “credits” studied abroad must correspond to a Danish semester, ie. minimum 30 ECTS

Generally, an exchange as a study abroad has a duration of one semester and can maximum have a duration of 2 semesters.

A study abroad exchange can be decided from a geographical point of view. A study abroad exchange can be within the EU/EEA, at an institution in one of the EU/EEA member countries, or a study abroad can be outside the EU/EEA, at an institution in a country outside the European Union.

Study Abroad within the EU – Erasmus

Study Abroad outside the EU