From trainee to permanent employment at Toms

The award of the Internship of the Year in Region Zealand goes to the famous producer of chocolate and candy, Toms! Tine Niebur, a recently fully-qualified AP Graduate in Nutrition and Technology, has nominated her internship – without anyone knowing it …

The award of the Internship of the Year in Region Zealand
Tine Niebur’s workplace knew nothing about, why they were called in for a morning meeting. After a while they were finally told that, their new colleague had nominated them in such a manner, which left the jury at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) in no doubt that, Toms would receive the award for being the best internship of vocational students in Region Zealand of 2016.

Not an eye was dry
Everyone at Toms’ headquarters in Ballerup was literally moved to tears, while Tine revealed the real reason, why they all were gathered at her initiative. She started out by giving personal thanks to her colleagues for the great support, kindness and helpfulness which she was met with, when she first arrived at Toms as an intern.

There was no doubt that Tine’s internship has been a major personal journey and not just an ordinary internship.


From trainee to permanent contract
Today Tine Niebur has exchanged the ID card titled ‘intern’ with a business card for permanent employees. The journey to the job as a QA assistant in the candy company has been paved with the obstacles. Tine is originally trained as a chef, but she wanted to continue in the food industry:

“I found my right ‘training shelf’ at ZIBAT’s Department in Roskilde, where I was studying an AP Graduate in Nutrition and Technology for two years. All students at ZIBAT have a 10-week internship during their education, and here I was so lucky that Toms accepted my application,” explains a happy and proud Tine Niebur.

Not all trainees get jobs after completing their internship, but at ZIBAT just over 40% manage to become employees after both the internship and the graduation.

Spelling challenge was no obstacle
Anja Kristensen is responsible for the quality at Toms, and she also became Tine’s training supervisor:

“It is no secret that Tine’s application clearly indicated her writing difficulties, but because she was so dedicated and full of good ideas at her ‘casting’ for the internship, we decided that, we wanted her on the team anyways. And we have not for a second regretted our decision!” explains Anja Kristensen.

“From day one, Tine has with her happy appearance and professional skills been an asset for Toms. It is clear that Tine from the studies at ZIBAT was used to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, and was already in the training period ready to develop a completely new quality concept. She is an expert in risk assessments and flow charts. She has already received huge praise by our recent audits,” says a smiling Anja Kristensen.

Announcing the national winner in Odense
On June 7th, the nine candidates from every Business Academy will meet in Odense, where each of them, will have to present their motivations for a jury. Afterwards the jury announces the winner of Internship of the Year 2015/16.

Tine Niebur will be ready to present her thoroughly successful experience at Toms.