Home again

Returning back home and reporting

Please note that your exchange must be reported by you at the latest three months after terminated your exchange and returned back to Zealand. If not reported in time, we reserve the right to require any grant or scholarship refunded, and in worst case we will ask the Authorities to withdraw the grant/scholarship amount from your SU/Income.

Regarding reporting an exchange the following is expected:

  • A short debrefing on the exchange, max 1 page.
  • Final report
  • Travel expense report – e.g. if you have received a grant/scholarship then you must document that is has been used to cover expenses during your exchange (invoices, boarding cards, etc.)

Interruption of your exchange
If you decide to interrupt/cancel your exchange abroad before time, you must notify your student counsellor and local international campus coordinator immediately. Either when you have made such decision or as soon as you arrive back home.

You must report back to us the same way as if you had stayed as planned for the full duration of the exchange.

Your student counsellor will decide upon the credit recognitions issue together with the international coordinator, programme coordinator and others if needed. Further, it will be decided whether you are to refund all or part of any grant/scholarship received.