Internship: My experience in Walt Disney World

By Monika Ozdoba, student at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology Næstved

My name is Monika Ozdoba and in January, 25th I started my internship in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My journey in Disney started with having housing sessions as well as Disney Traditions during which we were told about the company, Disney’s look, stage presence, Disney’s goals and missions.

The most important thing is of course to create magic for our guests. At the beginning each of us got their special nametags and Mickey’s ears – everyone was so excited to get ready with the program!


During my stay in Florida I work in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which has such attractions as Star Wars ride, Tower of Terror, Toy Story ride or Aerosmith’s Rock and Roller Coaster which is my favorite one.

The education is very important: I take Hospitality Management classes in Disney University as well as Business Communication classes in Valencia College. As a cast member I have an amazing opportunity to meet our guests from all around the world. When our guests notice that I am from Poland they smile and ask questions about my country. I was so surprised that so many Americans have families from Poland and they even know about traditional Polish food.


One day I met American soldier who visited my country and knew few Polish words. I was so happy about it, especially when he wished me all the best with my program! Another magical situation was when two little girls dressed as princesses came to me and wished me “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Then they gave me a cute card which said “Awesome Cast Member” and a little threat. We exchanged the biggest hugs ever!

It is such an amazing experience when we create magic for guests, but they do exactly the same for us. Being a part of Disney team is an incredible opportunity to improve your communication skills, personal career and create memories which will last a lifetime.


During our Disney College Program we have a lot of opportunities, but also challenges. At the beginning many people from abroad can experience “cultural-shock”. Calling teachers with their first name, saying “hi, how are you” would never happened in many countries in the world. Classes in the United States are learner-centered, which means that teachers are focused on getting interaction with their students and encourage them to take part in classes.

My classmates are from Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, France, Germany, China, Spain, Japan, The Netherlands and of course America. I really enjoy every day in Florida and look forward to create even more magic.