1. februar 2016
Pictures: Graduation at ZIBAT

Congratulations to all the graduates from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology and good luck in your future jobs or studies.

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13. januar 2016
Focus on keeping the international students in Denmark

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science has given three million Danish Kroner to five projects that aim to keep international students in Denmark – for the benefit of the businesses that need more manpower.

One of the five projects, which have been supported, is going to be implemented in cooperation between Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and Copenhagen Business Academy.

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23. oktober 2015
Kenyan managers to be educated by ZIBAT and KCA University

KCA University in Nairobi in Kenya can learn from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology’s pedagogical approach where the students are in focus, because the students benefit from it both in their studies and their work life. That is the opinion of two Kenyan teachers from KCA University.

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15. juni 2015
E-Concept Developer student at Campus Køge receives grant

50 percent of all shoes purchased online are returned. E-Concept Developer student in Køge, Cecilie Lisberg, has recieved a micro grant to further develop a solution to the problem.

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28. april 2015
Message from Head Office: Crisis help for Nepalese students

ZIBAT offers crisis help for our Nepalese students – read here:

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7. april 2015
Trainees make a difference for WUXUS-company

WIN-WIN: Internships provide students with an opportunity to work with real life deadlines while company owner Karsten Kjær says ZIBAT-trainees give a positive economic outcome – as well as offering social and inspirational benefits.

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3. marts 2015
Marketing students visit Hardi International A/S

Marketing Management students in Nykøbing F have recently visited Hardi International A/S: “It makes a huge difference to see how theory relates to practice in real life,” says marketing student Charlotte Hansen.

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13. februar 2015
GRADUATION: 20 new E-Concept Developers

20 new E-Concept Developers recently graduatet at Campus Køge. They are now ready to join the labour market or continue their studies on a higher level with a master or a candidate.

Head of Campus, Jørgen Heramb, Head of Studies, John Thrane, and a team of lecturers gave addresses to the happy graduates.

Teknisk Landsforbund, a Danish labour union, was also present and gave out prizes for Best Fellow Students ie. Krishna Sapkota and Nanna Bodenhoff.

Thanks to Ana Belic for the lovely pictures.

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13. november 2014
How to make our students more innovative?

Future job-markets will be in need of entrepreneurs and job-creators. But how do we make sure that our students are highly innovative and entrepreneurial? Microsoft and ZIBAT came up with some of the answers on a seminar 12. November 2014 at ZIBAT Campus Roskilde.

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30. oktober 2014
ZIBAT students visit London School of Business & Finance (LSBF)

As part of LSBF’s efforts to strengthen and expand academic collaboration with intuitions worldwide, a delegation of 40 students and faculty from the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) in Denmark visited the Red Lion Street campus in central London for an academic workshop.

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