Processing time

Processing of your application

To accommodate international students (non Danish applicants), we normally process your application as follows:


  • when you send your Signature Page to or via the ZIBAT Application Portal, you will receive an auto-reply confirming receipt
  • when you apply using your Nem-ID, you will only receive the confirmation on, where you can also see, if we have downloaded your application.


  • We will check as soon as possible, whether we have received the necessary documentation and you fulfil the admission requirements
  • If one or more documents are missing, we will send you an e-mail requesting you to upload the missing document(s) to to the ZIBAT Application Portal before a certain deadline. It is important that you upload the missing document(s) on time, as otherwise, we will disregard your application. Please check your e-mail in-box on a regular basis as it is your responsibility to meet the deadline. Please also check your spam-mail for safety’s sake
  • If you are not qualified, you will receive notification through the ZIBAT Admission Portal (within 2-3 weeks) with a refusal and an explanation
  • For NON-EU applicants only: We conduct admission interviews as  an important part of our international recruitment process. The interview is performed by one of our admission officers (either in your home country or in Denmark). The date for such an interview will be informed in a separate e-mail. For this personal interview you must bring all relevant educational documents in original (no photo copies) since we need to confirm the validity of the documents you have forwarded together with your application.


  • When all the applications have been evaluated and the interviews conducted, we will select the students who will be offered admission, usually at the beginning of May
  • If you are selected, but have not yet passed your final exams, you will receive a Conditional Admission Notice. This means that we find you qualified and offer you admission provided you pass your final exams
  • If you are selected and already have passed your final exams, you will receive a Final Admission Notice, but only if you have ZIBAT as your first priority. You must then sign and return the Student Contract within 14 days to confirm your place. If you don’t return it on time, your place may be offered to another student
  • If you are not selected, you will be placed on a waiting list. If another student does not accept the offered place, this place will instead be offered to a student on the waiting list
  • Once you have confirmed your admission, you will receive an e-mail from the campus where you re going to study. This e-mail will be sent in August (for September study start) and in January (for the February study start). If you have not received this e-mail two weeks before the study start, please send an e-mail to the contact person mentioned in your admission letter

Please check your e-mail in-box on a regular basis as it is your responsibility to meet the respective deadlines. Please also check your spam-mail for safety’s sake.

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