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Quick Guide – procedures when applying for an internship abroad (both Erasmus Plus exchanges and International exchanges)

IMPORTANT: Below procedures are MANDATORY for all internships under the ERASMUS PLUS programme and as well recommended for all other internships abroad. Besides below procedures for internships abroad you initially must follow the instructions provided by your internship coordinator and the online procedure provided in the EASJ CRM system.


  • All internships within the EU/EEA countries must be approved as an ERASMUS PLUS internship

You follow procedures and document formats for Erasmus Plus internships. You will automatically be evaluated positively towards financial support (an Erasmus Plus grant). You are not guaranteed to receive support since only limited funds are available. All applicants will be evaluated and prioritised according to the internal nomination criteria applied by EASJ/ZIBAT.

Application deadlines are flexible due to the nature of internships.

  • Internships outside the EU/EEA – so-called INTernational internships.

It is not mandatory – but recommended – that you follow below procedures and document formats. The internal electronic procedure followed by EASJ/ZIBAT would be adequate. Especially we recommend that you follow below procedures towards insurance to make sure that you are sufficiently insured (accident and liability) since rules and regulations regarding insurance of interns vary a lot in different countries outside Denmark.


In general, it is not mandatory to apply for pre-approval for doing your internship abroad. BUT we recommend you to file your application to inform us of your intentions and interest in doing your internship abroad.

You apply internally to your International Mobility Ambassador and/or internship coordinator.

Together with the application you may also book a meeting with your Ambassador for consultation on possibilities and what you need to observe.

Apply before 15. March (for exchanges during the autumn) or 1. October (for exchanges during the Spring.

You use the Application form you can find in the downloads box.

Besides the Application form we normally also recommend that you prepare your CV. You can use the format found here:

Use the CV during your application process. When you have identified a host company/organisation you need to prepare a contract agreeing on the terms and objectives of your internship. We do recommend that you also check with the programme curriculum of your major since you find official requirements elaborated here.


When you have found your host company and made an agreement on your internship job and learning objectives you need to formalize your internship in a Learning Agreement for Internship/Traineeships. Remember that an internship is a training position.

ALL INTERNSHIPS WITHIN THE EU/EEA use the document format for ERASMUS PLUS internships

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS use the INTernational document format

The agreement must be signed by all parties (student, institution and host company/organisation)


An important part of the Learning Agreement is insurance coverage. For internships in Denmark it is easy. Legislation in Denmark makes it mandatory that interns are covered by the host company/organisations accident and liability insurance. BUT outside Denmark it is a different case. Your host company must indicate in the Training Agreement if you are covered or not during your internship. IF NOT you must arrange for insurance by yourself (mandatory for Erasmus Plus internships and highly recommendable for all other as well). Please refer to insurance on this site for further details.


When your Training Agreement has been approved by all parties you need to finalize your application for nomination for financial support from the Erasmus Plus programme.

You file your application internally with the International Mobility Ambassador by submitting:

  • Application
  • CV
  • Signed Learning Agreement for Erasmus Plus internships
  • Proof of Insurance coverage (accident and liability)
  • Traineeship Abroad information form

(all document formats can be downloaded from the download box)


If you are nominated for an Erasmus Plus Grant to support you for living expenses during your internship abroad, you will receive your nomination announcement. To receive the grant a number of additional documents needs to be signed before you will be ready for leaving.



Once you have joined the host company/organisation you may experience that the training job offered is different from the agreement made in the Training Agreement.

If this happens make sure to connect with you International Mobility Ambassador and/or Internship Coordinator. It is important that any change of Learning/Training is updated and approved in your Training Agreement – during mobility section.



Once your internship exchange is over it is important to get the AFTER MOBILITY section where your host company/organisation evaluates your learning outcome from the internship.

It is important to make sure that the After Mobility section is completed to make sure that your credits can be awarded.