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Quick Guide – procedures when applying for a study abroad exchange (both Erasmus Plus exchanges and International exchanges)

Before you leave:

Application for pre-approval of study abroad exchange


You apply internally to your International Mobility Ambassador for pre-approval of your study abroad no later than 15. March (for exchanges during the autumn) or 1. October (for exchanges during the Spring.

You use the Application form you can find in the downloads box.

Besides the Application form we normally also recommend that you prepare your CV. You can use the format found here:

STEP 2: Nomination and pre-approval:

Approval can be expected quickly if the institution you apply for already has a cooperation agreement with ZIBAT/EASJ. But make sure to consider alternative host institutions since we only have a limited seats each semester with our partner institutions. If you want to apply for an institution, we have not worked with before, you have to motivate your application academically (max 1 page). ZIBAT/EASJ reserves the right to evaluate, prioritize and reject applications for study abroad exchanges with non-partner institutions.

Nomination and pre-approval can be expected approx. 15. April/15. October.

STEP 3: Applying to the host institution and course credit application:

When you receive your exchange approval, you can with our support join for the exchange. You can now start the application to the host institution. Application forms can usually be found on the university website.

Besides the host university/institution approval of your application for admission as an exchange student, you also will have to start the course credit application which eventually will make up the input needed for your Learning Agreement.

Please consult with your International Mobility Ambassador.

The course credit application form contains the subjects/courses you should study with the host institution and how many credit points they carry related to the curriculum of the programme you study with EASJ/ZIBAT. In other words, which courses we can recognize and give you credit for. Once your course credit application form is approved you can use it as input for your Learning Agreement.

Once the Learning Agreement is ready you have to make sure that your host institution signs it and thus confirms the agreement. If you change courses during your exchange, this Agreement must be amended to the learning agreement and signed by both home and host institution

IF you apply for a study abroad exchange within the Erasmus Plus programme (with the possibility of funding towards living expenses) you must make sure to use the ERASMUS PLUS document formats you find in the download box. For all other exchanges you must use the “INT” document format.

STEP 4: ERASMUS PLUS exchanges:

If your study abroad exchange is under the Erasmus Plus programme you may be nominated for an Erasmus Plus Grant to support you for living expenses during your exchange abroad. If you are nominated, you will receive your nomination announcement.

To receive the grant a number of additional documents needs to be signed before you will be ready for leaving.

STEP 5: Pre-departure:

Once you are admitted with the host institution and your Learning Agreement has been set and approved you need to consider more practical issues, among others:

VISA                                                     Do you need to apply for a visa? If so the host institution or your International Mobility Ambassador will assist you with procedures.

IMMUNISATION:                             If you travel to certain countries you may need to have immunisation for certain diseases.

INSURANCE:                                     Make sure that you have insured yourself (see further under insurance on this site)

HOUSING:                                          You need to make sure that you have a place to live. Please consult with the host institution for their service.



Once you have joined the host institution you may experience that courses are not offered after all or you have been enrolled with other courses than originally agreed.

If this happens make sure to connect with you International Mobility Ambassador. It is important that any change of courses is updated and approved in your Learning Agreement – during mobility section.



Once your study abroad exchange is over You are to make sure that you get your Transcript of Records with you home (if possible), otherwise make a confirmed agreement that the host institution sends it to you when ready. We can only recognize and transfer your credits if we have the transcript of records.

You must further complete a Final Report (evaluation form of your exchange) – if we do not have the Transcript of Records and your Final Report, your exchange cannot be credited to your final exam.