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Quick Guide – How to apply for an AP Degree Programme

Here you find an application quick guide to help you file your digital application on www.optagelse.dk.

Certain NON-EU applicants are required to pay an application fee, EUR 100. Check under APPLICATION FEE if you are required to pay the applicant fee, how to pay the fee and terms of payment.

Step 1
Before applying, please check that you meet the admission requirements for the programme you apply for. You can find this information under each programme on our website. If you are a non-EU applicant – please make sure that you can pay the required tuition fee. For further information, please see here: http://zibat.dk/tuition-fees-scholarships-and-finance/.

Step 2
Prepare the accompanying documents. Together with the application form you must submit the following documents:

Mandatory documentation:

  • Diplomas and/or Certificates (original + English translation)*
  • Transcripts of grades (original + English translation)*
  • Language Proficiency Certificate, e.g. IELTS or TOEFL
  • Copy of Passport (personal information page) or copy of ID card if from EU/EEA
  • Residence Permit/card (for non-EU students who already live in Denmark)
  • Motivation letter
  • Documentation for your work experience, if any

Optional documentation:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Sports activities etc.
  • Documentation for other extra curricular activities, competitions, etc.

*) Documentation for your exams (Diplomas, Certificates, Transcripts of grades etc.) must be translated into English and signed by a notary public or an equally authorized person, e.g. the institution who issued the document (If you do not have the final diploma/certificate yet, you must attach a transcript of grades for the latest 2 years. When you receive your final diploma, you must submit this in order for us to be able to confirm your final admission).

Step 3
You are now ready to start the application process. Go to www.optagelse.dk which will open in Danish but will allow you to choose the English version. We recommend that you download and carefully read the general instructions (http://www.optagelse.dk/vejledninger/pdf/KOTapplicant_UK.pdf). This guide only serves as a quick reference guide.

Step 4
Since most international applicants do not have a Danish CPR number (civil registration number) you will be asked to give your personal e-mail address in order to create your application profile in the system. Once you have entered your e-mail address, a direct link to your login page will be sent to your e-mail account.

Step 5
You are now ready to start the application process. The system will automatically create a temporary CPR number. The combination of your personal e-mail address and the temporary CPR number will be used to identify you throughout the whole application process both within the online application system and by us as the educational institution. When you contact us about your application, please state your name, temporary CPR number and the programme you have applied for, e.g. Simon Smith, 181091-SIS1, Computer Science.

Please fill in the online application, step by step, by typing the required information in the system. When you have filled in the required information, remember to “save” (use the save icon).

Step 6
The first section is INFORMATION ABOUT YOU where you fill in personal information. The Address you state must be where you are currently living. Once you have approved your application, it is not possible to change the address on www.optagelse.dk, but you have to inform us by sending an e-mail to apply@zibat.dk.

Another important field in this section is Citizenship where you have to choose the correct country from a drop-down menu. If you are a non-EU citizen already living in Denmark you must upload a copy of your residence permit/card together with the other documents (see step 9).

Finally, in the field Any previous admissions to higher education you must provide the necessary information, if you have previously studied in higher education (university/college), even if you have not graduated. Again, please remember to upload relevant documentation in step 9.

Step 7
The next section is ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS where you indicate your admission qualifications. In most cases you have to choose Non-Danish Exam and next All other non-Danish exams and finally write the name of your high school qualification, e.g. Brandos Atestatas – Maturita-diploma (if you are from Lithuania) and the Year of Completion, e.g. 2016.

The fields concerning supplementary courses are only relevant, if you do not meet one of the specific admission requirements (e.g. mathematics B-level) and have signed up for a course to upgrade your qualifications (e.g. a summer course). Usually, only Danish students take these courses.

Step 8
The next section is Choice of education programme and now you have to indicate which educational programme(s) and Institution(s) you wish to apply for. Below find a list of the international programmes offered by ZIBAT, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology:

Programme Campus Admission Area No.
AP Marketing Management Roskilde 79165
AP Multimedia Design and Communication Køge 81215
AP Computer Science Roskilde 71215
AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Køge 86085
AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Slagelse 86082
AP Logistics Management Køge 87035
AP Commerce Management Næstved 74615


Step 9
The final section is Digital attachments, and here you have to upload all relevant documents mentioned in step 2 and step 6. Please make sure that you tick all boxes for the documents needed for each of your priorities, as otherwise we cannot download them.

Step 10:
You finalise the online application by clicking on Approve and print and this must be done for each priority. When you have printed the signature page, please sign and date the page, scan it, and send it by e-mail to apply@zibat.dk.

In the subject field of the e-mail, please write: “Signature page – your full name – Programme you apply for – and Campus you apply for” (e.g. Signature page – Niels Hansen – AP Computer Science – Campus Slagelse).

You must send the signature page to apply@zibat.dk before the application deadline.
We are not able to access and process your application until we have received the signature page.

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