ZIBAT Nykøbing

Bispegade 5
4800 Nykøbing Falster
Tlf: + 45 5076 2660

ZIBAT Nykøbing F

Campus Nykøbing F resides at Bispegade, where the campus share premises with, among others, University College Sealand in a shared campus.

The Bispegade complex sets the scene for all ZIBAT Nykøbing student activities. Located in older charming buildings and newer ones, these buildings emphasize the fact that a comfortable, secure and inspiring study environment is essential in giving the student a good educational and life experience.

At ZIBAT Nykøbing the student will become a part of a very active study environment. The Campus is the home of several higher education programme, which together form an inspiring environment for all students. At the campus students find a firm commitment of emphasizing diversity and strong believe that the mix of students makes the campus a vibrant place to study.

Studying at ZIBAT Nykøbing is much more than lectures, projects and exams. Students have access to the facilities and equipment 24-hour every day of the week, and often continue their project work long after classes have finished. This creates a strong social fellowship among students, and an inspiring learning environment.

ZIBAT Nykøbing has a declared “open door policy”, which means that both the secretariat and the teachers and counsellors are always available to the extent possible to talk to students who need answers to questions of an academic or practical nature.

The campus has good IT facilities and students naturally have access to wireless network. The library provides access to enormous amounts of knowledge – either in the campus’s books or in the many databases subscribed to.



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